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  • Henry Ma

    Ricoma CEO, Apparel Academy

    Henry Ma is the CEO of Ricoma and the face of Ricoma’s YouTube series, Apparel Academy. As CEO, Henry Manages the overall operations and resources of Ricoma and acts as the main point of communication between administrators as well as a custom apparel business coach for embroiders looking to start their businesses.

  • Joyce Jagger

    The Embroidery Coach

    A well-respected figure in the embroidery industry, Joyce Jagger will be joining this year’s all-star line up of keynote speakers. Joyce started her home-based business in 1978, and it has grown to be one of the most successful multi-head embroidery businesses in the country. In 2001 she created her own training and consulting business as the Embroidery Coach to help new embroiderers get started and help existing embroiderers increase their profits. This year she will be hosting two live webinars on Building A Virtual Embroidery Business and Design Editing 101.

  • Bruce Ackerman

    Founder of Printavo

    A big hit at DecoSummit 2019, Bruce Ackerman, founder of Printavo, is back to share his knowledge at this year’s event! Printavo is a shop management software that helps printers efficiently manage their shops, to improve workflow and reduce costs. Familiar with running his own printing shop, Bruce understands how proper management practices directly relates to your business’ success. He now uses this knowledge to help printers take their businesses to the next level

  • Reyes Gasca

    Reyes the Entrepreneur

    A fan favorite from last year’s event, Reyes Gasca from the successful YouTube channel, Reyes the Entrepreneur, will be returning to DecoSummit to share his experience with custom apparel startups from screen printing to heat transfer vinyl. With 340k subscribers on YouTube, Reyes’ infectious personality draws in his audience and now he’ll be live and in-person to share his insight with product demos, business strategies and more at DecoSummit 2020!

  • Gary Ajene

    T-Shirt Help Desk

    Gary Ajene, of the YouTube channel, T-Shirt Help Desk, is joining the DecoSummit speakers panel for the second year in a row! He is known in the custom apparel industry as the go-to expert in how to start your very own t-shirt business. From designing your t-shirts to selling them, Gary provides his audience with key tips for running a productive and successful custom apparel business.

  • Christopher Blakeman

    Embroidery Business Coach

    Embroidery business expert, Christopher Blakeman is the creator of the Embroidery eBook on Business Planning an educational resource that has helped hundreds of embroiderers start, grow and market their business. Through the use of his Facebook group, Home Based Embroidery Forum, Chris hosts workshops, trainings and master classes that teach aspiring business owners how to make money with embroidery and increase their embroidery sales.

  • Adelaida Leon


    Adelaida Leon is the owner and founder of the popular Etsy shop, LittleAlessiaCo. After finding huge success with Etsy in little under a year, she started her YouTube channel to share her experience with others. Her channel has since had several viral videos and live streams where she takes her viewers through her days as a successful embroidery shop owner. Adelaida is bringing her Etsy expertise to DecoSummit to help other business owners find the same success!

  • Joan McKenna

    ReSewn Products

    Joan has been a sewn products professor at the college level for over 20 years, teaching draping, pattern making, tailoring, and construction of fashion utilizing industrial and domestic sewing machines.  She holds a BFA in costume design, a California Teaching Certificate, and a Masters in Post-Secondary Education.  In addition, she has a background in retail management.  Now retired from education, she founded ReSewn Products, where she creates for-sale upcycled fashion as works of art.

  • Valeria Knight

    Ricoma Marketing Director

    Valeria Knight is Ricoma’s Marketing Director. Currently, she oversees all marketing operations from content, social and email marketing to paid Facebook & Google campaigns for lead generation. She also works with design and product development to create exceptional user experiences across Ricoma’s platforms and beyond

  • Julia Sos

    Ricoma Client Onboarding Supervisor

    Julia Sos is Ricoma’s Client Onboarding Specialist. She has first-hand interaction with our customers as she guides them through the process of learning their new embroidery machine. Holding weekly training courses for our customers, Julia fully trains Ricoma customers in how to operate, fix, and maintain their new embroidery machine.

  • Mark Torres

    Ricoma Sr. Product Specialist

    Mark Torres is Ricoma’s Assistant Service Manager, who has helped thousands of embroiderers receive and maintain their machine, in his 4 year career with Ricoma. Mark understands the ins and outs of all Ricoma equipment, assists in troubleshooting, and ensures that all Ricoma machines are running properly, before getting to the customer.

  • Willy Diaz

    Ricoma Product Specialist

    Willy Diaz is one of Ricoma’s Assistant Service Managers who works to help all Ricoma customers learn and become comfortable with their machines. One of our most experienced embroiderers, Willy is an expert with Ricoma machines and assists in troubleshooting, quality control and makes sure the transition from new customer to expert embroiderer is smooth for all our customers.

  • Esteban Gonzalez

    Ricoma Client Onboarding Specialist

    Embroidery and DTG expert, Esteban Gonzalez, trains Ricoma customers on both embroidery machines and direct-to-garment printers. A past machine technician, Esteban is one of our most experienced trainers who knows the ins and outs of all Ricoma products, from troubleshooting and maintenance to embroidering and printing perfect garments.

  • Brian Cadayas

    DTG Specialist

    As a part of Ricoma's customer service team, Brian assists customers with their machines and helps them master their equipment long after their initial training. Brian is also one of Ricoma's DTG specialists and trains customers on their new DTG machines.

  • Marianne Monegro

    Client Onboarding Specialist

    Marianne Monegro is one of Ricoma’s Client Onboarding Specialists. She guides our customers through the process of learning their new embroidery machines. From setting them up in their customer portal to hosting their machine training session, Marianne helps customers become experts with their Ricoma products.

  • Shane Mehta

    Ricoma UX/UI Designer

    Shane Mehta is Ricoma’s UX/UI designer and oversees all branding and graphic design projects at Ricoma. As the designer behind Ricoma’s website, customer portal and several of Ricoma’s platforms, such as Chroma and HoopMade, Shane will be sharing his talents in graphic design and establishing brand identities at DecoSummit2021.